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Respiratory disease is a term that encompasses a diverse range of conditions affecting the organs and tissues responsible for internal and external respiration. According to the Government, respiratory disease affects 1 in 5 people and is the third-largest cause of death in the UK. Inhaled therapies are the cornerstone of treatment for the majority of respiratory conditions, with more than 45 million prescriptions for inhaled medications being dispensed in 2011 (Health and Social Care Information Centre 2011). Their correct use is essential for successful, cost-effective, and safe therapy (PCRS-UK) but unfortunately, according to our findings, approximately 80-90% of people use incorrect inhaler technique, including healthcare professionals, resulting in:

  • Suboptimal Control of Respiratory Conditions
  • Increased Risk of Hospital Admissions
  • Drug Wastage
  • Increased Costs to the NHS
  • Potential Escalation of Treatment

About Us

Established in 2014, The UK Inhaler Group and its 11 constituent members have a shared interest in optimising inhaler use and promoting the correct use of inhaled therapies to healthcare professionals and patients, thereby improving the outcomes for patients. 

The constituent Members include 

The work of UKIG continues to grow and forms the basis of three key workstreams lead by members of the UKIG Steering Group; advocacy, education and training, and research.

Steering Group Leads

Dr Omar Usmani | Chair of UK Inhaler Group | Lead for Research and Development

Reader in respiratory medicine and consultant physician at the National Heart and Lung institute (NHLI), Imperial College London, and Royal Brompton Hospital.

Dr Azhar Saleem is a London GP with an interest in respiratory medicine.

He is a member of the Lambeth CCG Governing Body, responsible for commissioning of
respiratory and long term conditions.

Jane Scullion | Education Lead

Toby Capstick

Toby Capstick |Consultant Pharmacist

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